As the original savoir-faire of the house, since its creation in 1880 by Palmyre Coyette, the art of Feathers consists in sublimating this living material into an exceptional ornament.

For over 140 years, the house of Lemarié has been serving the most beautiful fashion houses and their creations, with this extraordinary savoir-faire. Feathers can be worked in a thousand different ways: crimped into elegant rosettes, tweezered into architectural marquetry, knife-worked into voluptuous boas, curled or embroidered into patterns, coloured with pigments to bring out every nuance…

These techniques, perfected over the centuries, find their expression in ever more spectacular creations, from haute couture to decoration, jewellery and leather goods.
Today, the feather workers at Lemarié continue this age-old tradition of French fashion, the savoir-faire of which is now practiced by only a handful of artisans in the world.

The Feather sector is governed by the Washington Convention (CITES).