From the 1950s onwards, Lemarié developed the art of the flower in its ateliers alongside that of the feather.

While the Lemarié was already the partner to the great fashion houses of the day, from Nina Ricci to Dior, it was the encounter with Gabrielle Chanel in the early 1960s that marked a decisive turning point in its floral activity and the production of the iconic camellia, which is constantly renewed with every new collection.

Today, Lemarié offers an exceptional range of flowers: camellias, dahlias, peonies, carnations, anemones, poppies, tulips, orchids and roses all come in organza, tulle, leather, velvet, satin, chiffon, tweed, organdie, feathers, fur, leather, rhodoid…

The fabric petals are cut using unique die cutting irons that have been carefully maintained over the years to form a true library. Every petal is then shaped with an embossing ball, embroidered, engraved, crushed or frayed… Before finally being mounted as a flower.

Each one of these delicate techniques has been perfected over time by the artisans who act as guardians of a living heritage of skills and tools, inherited from the history of their atelier.